Friday, 26 November 2010

SoulNRnB's Nu Soul Jazz

Moving left field this week, but with some very very hot music.

Whilst some in the House Fraternity have kept that Jazz-Funk feel going, there are bands and artists out there keeping that organic, soulful jazz-funk sound alive. Whilst groups like Jamiroquai have succumbed to the mainstream (Although there is one tune on their new LP called "Two Completely Different Things" which is a return to form), others have been carrying the torch.

The Rebirth produced one of the best LP's of the last decade (See our post from last year, Top 10 LP's of the Noughties), but it seems they have sadly split. Their last single, "Love Issue", was classic Rebirth and is included on this mix.

Elsewhere, you have a track from Dreemtimes LP from this year, the excellent Dira/Omar track from her great Bluey (Incognito) produced LP, and absolute class from Liquid Spirits and Heavy (A personal Fave).
Loving this stuff and hope you do to!

Grizz has been fighting the power with his 60's Soul mixes, "The man" keeps taking them down. They are all quality, and if the artists are reading this (Rather than some suit who only cares about the cash) then I hope you realise we are advertising your music to a new audience. People will buy your music, if available, once they are aware of it. And if its not available for purchase, we hope you find some comfort knowing that there are people out there enjoying your work! Sermon Over, 60's Soul 7 from Grizz next week (GET IT QUICK), speak soon!!

SoulNRnB's Nu Soul Jazz
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