Saturday, 13 February 2010

SoulNRnB's Rare Groove Special Vol.12

Valentines day is upon us tomorrow, and with Grizz sticking up a top mix for all of you "Lovers" out there, I thought id put some great mellow tunes on the latest Rare Groove Compilation.

The Delegation version of "I think she's outta my life" made popular by Arnies Love is a corker and one of my faves, even though it probably dosent have the best sentiments for Valentines day!, the beautiful "In all My wildest dreams" by Joe Sample makes up for that though as does Rasa's "When will the day come", whilst those who couldnt give a fig about Valentines can turn their stereo up and play Ubiquity's "The five flies"!

12 Tracks. 12 classy tunes. Enjoy.

SoulNRnB's RARE GROOVE Special Vol. 12
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