Saturday, 1 August 2009

SoulNRNB's Soulful House ONE

In the spirit of the DISCO JAZZ compilation posted previously, and the Bah Samba post, I thought I would compile some lesser known tracks in a Soulful House Vibe.

Music snobs, of which I include myself, have dismissed house music in the past as throwaway rubbish, but that has really changed. Masters at Work, Blaze, Mark de Clive Lowe, Reel People, The Sunburst Band..... all these great artists and bands have really shown that the House scene can provide all us old time Jazz Funkers with what they have been missing.

So, my advice: Get past the long intro's that are there for the DJ's mixing at the clubs. Get past the fact that your listening to a drum machine.

And enjoy some soulful, jazzy and funky house music. Great vocals, nice instrumentation, great vibes for the car in the summer heat!

Open your ears people!

Tracklist in Comments.

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