Saturday, 6 June 2009

Gettin' Down With DJ Grizz

I came across a very old TDK 90 tape the other day with a scribbled, handwrittern tracklist which got me reminiscing about the original mixtapes back in the day.

As anyone the wrong side of 35 (and I'm well past that!!!) and into music will tell you , before the days of MP3's, burning software, CD recorders and so on there was the cassette deck and the turntable. If you wanted to make some music for the car, to put into your ghetto blaster or just to impress a girl or your Soul-head mates you made a mixtape. Compared to burning a CD or loading your ipod today, it was a real labour of love:- pulling out all the records out you wanted, setting up the track, pausing the tape after every tune, changing the vinyl and going again- your average 90min tape took 2-3 hours plus!

And as for finding the music in the 1st place!!? If you were into collecting your Soul and JazzFunk in the early 80's and lived in and around London it normally meant a trip to Soho to visit Groove Records or Record Shack for the latest stuff. Then, in later years Soul/Dance music shops, like JIF's in Chadwell Heath or Music Power in Haringey sprung up and, if you really got into it, you drove around the South East visiting 2nd hand record shops and record fairs!! None of this 'google it' and press download...

I dunno- kids today don't they're born LOL!!

Anyhow its in the spirit of the 'mixtape' we share our old and new goodies on this blog!
And sometimes even old collectors like us like to throw off our anoraks and 'get our groove on' so heres a selection of old Jazz Funk and Boogie tunes to do just that to.


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