Wednesday, 3 January 2018

DJ Ridym - RnB Sessions 15

Happy New Year people and welcome 2018!

This year begins with an hour long RnB session full of goodies varying in flavours so hopefully it will keep you interested while you plan your new years resolutions.

As usual we have artists from both the US and UK. Carl Thomas/Kanye and the Jack Herrera make the cut for this mix as well as UK's Etta Bond who we're looking out for her 1st album hopefully this year fingers crossed. Also from the UK are Mabel ft. Koju Funds and Stefflon Don with their huge dancefloor bangers. 

Broken beat provided by messrs Dego & Kaidi as it's been a while since I played one from their stables I thought this catchy B-line should start the ball rolling. Jay Z's big track from his album 4.44 plus some new material from some long-in-the-game artists such as Talib Kweli, Miles 'Lumberjack' Bonny and Amp Fiddler. 

Big props going out to Rhapsody for her album 'Leila's Wisdom' as definitely one to check out also. 

Have a blessed 2018 Mixtapers! Peace

1. Dego & Kaidi - Decide What You Choose
2. Mike City ft. Terri Walker - Here Together
3. Amp Fidler - I'm Feeling You
4. Mabel ft. Kojo Funds - Finders Keepers
5. Stefflon Don - Hurtin' Me
6. Etta Bond - King To Be
7. Talib Kweli - The One I Love
8. Rhapsody - Pay Up
9. Carl Thomas ft. Kanye - The Way That You Do (unreleased)
10. Jack Herrera - City Lights
11. Aaron "AB" Abernathy - Children Of The City
12. Miles Bonny - I'll Be Here For You
13. Ledesi - Add To Me
14. Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean - Caught Their Eyes
15. The Stuyvesants - Halls Of Medicine
16. SiR ft. Etta Bond - Something New

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