Monday, 25 April 2016

#TheSoulMixtape Remembers Prince 1977-87

So the grim reaper keeps himself busy this year. Not only taking Prince from us, but as of this morning Billy Paul too.

You will hear and read so much about Prince that all I can do is say that he provided the Soundtrack to my teenage years. I went to numerous concerts. I searched out bootlegs of The Black Album. bought every 12" for the non-LP tracks on the B get the point.

For me, 77-87, up until The Sign of the Times LP, were the years I was most obsessed. And so Ive focused on them just for the memories. Ive tried to stay away from "The Best of" route with some lesser known tracks, but I hope you enjoy.

Nuwaveradio have a raft of shows paying tribute to the man himself, so if you like this, tune in at for more.


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