Sunday, 25 January 2015

DJ Grizz- Soulful 80's Grooves Vol 23

The early 80's - when I left school and started spending my hard earned pay packets on vinyl in shops like Groove Records and Record Shack up London's West End, Music Power near Wood Green, JIFs in Ilford, Chris Matzis up the road from my flat in Walthamstow... and so on! 30 years on and still I get the goose-bumps when I find a nugget and here's a selection of some of those Soul N Funk nuggets from the1980's- Soulful 80's Grooves 23!

Includes gems from the BB & Q Band, Major Harris (one time Delfonics lead man), Young and Co, and the Fantastic Aleems - with Leroy Burgess on vocals... and much more to take you back!

Don't forget if there are any older mixes from either myself or SoulNRnB (which won't be on Mixcloud and likely taken down) that you'd like re-upped just drop us a line!! We have been going over 5 years now!

Catch you in week for some more musical time travel!


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