Sunday, 30 March 2014

DJ Grizz- Soulful 80's Vol.21

Morning mixtapers, and its back to the decade of my teenage years when all I had to my name was a ghetto blaster, a pocket full of tapes, a red bus rover (an 80's teenage discount bus pass for all you born outside of London!)  and a bad haircut. Its time for Soulful 80's Vol.21

 We start with a Mystic Touch dancer, includes a Jimmy Young gem, some funky Kid Creole, a great Woods Empire tune, and finish with D Train from his massive 80's LP plus 5 more tunes to get back in touch with.

Catch you guys in a week!


Mystic Touch- Get yourself together
Vernon Burch -Joy & Pain
Lenard Lidell- When you’ve fallen out of love
Mighty Fire- Start it up
Jimmy Young - Times are tight
TC Curtis- Should have known better
Kid Creole- The love we have
Woods Empire- Party down
Delight- is it too late
D Train- Trying to get over


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