Sunday, 3 November 2013

DJ Grizz- Soul Heartbreakers 2013

Never one to pass up a challenge... here's my take on the slow jams theme- Soul Heartbreakers. A tad too melancholy for my Mellow Grooves series perhaps but even we at the Mixtape can embrace our emotions sometimes!

Ten lingering tunes from back in the day that are choc of tear-jerking soul. We kick off with the Memphis sound & Jean Plum, then an early track from Mr 'Groove On' Willie 'Little Beaver' Hale, Billy Paul obviously got the bill for his divorce when he wrote his song on the mix, includes an Al Wilson gem and we finish with a Ruby Winters version of the Kris Kristofferson penned tune and one of break-up records of all time!

 See you next week after another Mr S selection.


Jean Plum- Loneliness
Little Beaver- I’m losing the feelin’
Equasions- its so hard to say so long
Jacqueline Wilson- Keep in touch
Anne Cole - don’t stop the wedding
Sonia Rosa- Here’s that rainy day
Billy Paul- I was married
Al Wilson- Goin through the motions
Susan Phillips- He’s gone
Ruby Winters- For the good times


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