Thursday, 3 October 2013

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 115

Welcome back to the best Upfront Soul and RnB mix around, Street Sounds Sessions!

Brand new music here from new LP's from the likes of Heston, Cover girl Giovanca, The Foreign Exchange, and ex Family Stand lead singer Sandra St. Victor.

Add to that some great new artists like Moonchilds new tune, Daley's collabo with Pharrell, Jennifer Hudson's collabo with Pharrell (He's a very busy man), new Ledisi, and my tune of the month so far (Its early I know) from a great LP released by Finnish (Helsinki represent!) group Dolla Lova.

Heres the complete tracklist:

1.Moonchild - All the Joy
2.Daley - Look up
3.Ledisi - I Blame you
4.Mack Wilds - Keepin' it real
5.Dolla Lova - Gotta Have
6.Jennifer Hudson - I cant Describe
7.Heston - To the Sky
8.Sandra St Victor - Awakenings
9.Giovanca - Finally Yours
10.The Foreign Exchange - Better (feat. Shana Tucker, Eric Roberson)

Hope mixcloud is working for you, let us know if its an issue. Grizz back at the weekend with more rare grooves and soul!

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