Friday, 11 March 2011

SoulNRnB's Soulful Hip Hop Beatmakers

Thought I would showcase some of the premier Hip Hop producers/DJ's/Beatmakers work with Instrumental versions of some of thier tunes.

Included are work from J Dilla (No introduction needed, and if you do need one, check out the Great Producer mix on him), Nicolay, Hi-Tek, the great 9th Wonder (Isnt it great that both Phonte and him have squashed any beef they had. LITTLE BROTHER reunion maybe???) as well as Icons like Premier and Pete Rock.

If your not a Hip Hop fan, download this, cause you cant deny the soul in these instrumentals. If you dig your Hip Hop, youll know these but will you have the instrumentals to appreciate the beatmakers craft?

Tracklist in comments, Grizz back next week.

**UPDATE** Street Sounds 35 got removed. Ive re=upped it so get it quick folks! SEE BELOW

SoulNRnB's Soulful Hip Hop Beatmakers
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