Friday, 8 October 2010

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 25 AND 26

Been Spoiling you of late, but as Grizz said on the mellow post, its tough days for people at the moment so lets forget the day to day grind and enjoy some good music. The last of my double Street Sounds Posts, although theres lots more of them to come and future editions feature the like of Sunshine Anderson, Erik Rico and Marc Mac, Dave Hollister and more....

Untill then, try these two:

Edition 25 has my favourite cut from Calvin Richardsons excellent "Womack-a-like" new LP, A new tune from Donell Jones, one of my new artist picks from Teresa Janee, and a great Hip Hop tune from Andree 3000 (Dont be put of soul lovers!)

Edition 26 has a great tune from the up and coming Amanda Diva, and other fresh artists like Vaughn Anthony, Yvette Rovira and Coultrain. All topped off with the O.G. Mr Ronald Isley.

I hope your still digging these mixes and hope they are keeping you up to date with whats out there. Comments have slackened off, so let us know whats up, good or bad, and big thanks to those that have sent jingles/shout out in to us.

Grizz up next, see you next weekend.
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