Friday, 3 September 2010

SoulNRnB's The Art of the Remix Part One

Remixes first came on the scene in the 70's, showcasing extended breaks so that DJ's could mix the hottest disco tunes into one seamless dance marathon.This evolved through the 80's where remixes not only extended the breaks, but additional instrumentation was added to give a new flavour to the song.

By the 90's, Remixers became producers. Sometimes whole backing tracks were recorded with just the vocals from the original mix remaining. This has evolved through to the present day, where now producers sideline in remixes!

I thought Id do a series of mixes showcasing a few of my favourite remixes. This edition concentrates on the last 10 years (00's). The next edition will concentrate on the 80's with future editions highlighting other decades of note. I hope you hear a mix you havent heared before and check out the remixers other work. Remixers are highlighted in the tracklist next to their tune.

Grizz will be next week with some more goodness (Dingwalls in Camden early 90's was a place I remember staring agasp at some of the Jazz Dance going on in front of me BTW!).

SoulNRnB's Art of the Remix Part One
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