Friday, 30 April 2010

SoulNRnB/Grizz Birthday Mix!!! We are a year old!!!


"We are 1 year old today and hope we've got you Soul fans in touch with some familier, some forgotten, as well as introduced you to some less well known nuggets.

For my contribution to this days mega post I've chosen some classic rare groove tracks. These are the tunes that, back in the days when I was still playing out at parties and bars, I always carried in my record box and were guarrenteed to get a good reaction from the Soul/Rare Groove afficianados in the crowd.

Included as my re-post choice I've chosen the 'Live Mix' from SoulNRnB's collection. Tunes that you know and love but delivered in that special way only a live performance can give.

Enjoy the big post and I'll be back Tuesday week on 11th May (give you all a chance to digest this Soul feast).

Grizz   "


"Well, a year has just flown by. We intended this blog to introduce people to some new and old sounds, to expand thier horizons a little, and to be the most soulful site around.

I love Black Music. Not that MOBO/B.E.T , Autotune ridden stuff people call RnB today. The real stuff. Wether it be 70's Soul to Neo Soul, Jazz to Lovers, House to Hip Hop. If its soulful, we love it on this blog.

There are great artists out there today making great music, and there are artists that have been forgotten that you need to know about.

My New mix here showcases some modern tunes of various styles that may have missed your radar. Check them out.

Included aswell as my repost is Grizz's Uplifing Soul mix that does what it says on the tin. Great soul music that stirs the soul.

So, enjoy the 4 mixes in this 1 post, 2 old and 2 new. A great place to start if your a new visitor, a little treat for those that have been with us for the last 12 months.

More Soul, great producers, House, Street Sounds and various specials coming from me soon.

SoulNRnB.                      "

SoulNRnB and Grizz's MEGA Birthday post!! UPDATED 21/1/12

Tracklist in comments.
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