Monday, 20 July 2009

SoulNRnB Presents Nu-Soul Volume 5

Volume 5 of the Nu-Soul Comp's bringing things up to date.

Absolutely corking tunes on here from Questlove/Foriegn Exchange (Doing a version of Prince's Take me with you), hot unreleased tunes from Ryan Leslie and Raheem Devaughn, and other hot tunes for your ears!

This volume is passworded aswell, so you know the score. Comments means access....and if I get enough comments on our releases I will post up ALL the passwords on the blog for all passworded files.

Next up I have the first in my Soulful House compilations, Grizz will have one of his excellent mixtapes, and Volume 3 of my collabo's with gimmesomesoulfood is in the works.

Take note: The blog is back up at, so check it out!

Tracklist in comments y'all!!
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